پخش زنده جام جهانی
جمعه 15 آذر‌ماه سال 1387
زندگی یک زوج جوان با 17 فرزند دختر و پسر

●●●●● برای دیدن عکس ها به [ادامه مطلب] مراجعه کنید ●●●●●

Duggar family consists of father, mother and ... 17 children. When Bob and Michelle married in 1984, they immediately decided that they have children too early and the mother of the family began taking the pill. As religious people newlyweds ever thought, and if they come. In one day after the interview with Father Duggar found that children is a great joy, and prevent delivery -- a sin. On that day, Michelle has stopped taking pills and her first born twins! At this point in the happy family of 17 children: 10 boys and 7 girls. The family built a different room with about 650 square meters. Both parents are working and realtors can afford to maintain such a large family

مطلب را به بالاترین بفرستید: Balatarin مطلب را به دنباله بفرستید: Donbaleh